Living history between art greenery and sea

Villa Pagani is a prestigious villa with independent dependance that belonged to the earls Pagani. Located a few steps from the sea and from the town-center of Pesaro, cataloged by the Fine Arts as a historic residence, fully recognized as a cultural heritage. The building is in fact of historical and artistic interest according to the law, bound by the Superintendency as per resolution no. 33 dd 13.02.2018 of the regional commission for the cultural heritage of the Marche region, the Ministry for cultural heritage and tourism.

Villa Pagani is one of the beautiful villas built in the liberty style of the seaside areas, typical of the houses during the first three decades of the twentieth century along the coasts of our country, from Venice and many other cities towards the south of the Italian Adriatic coast.

It was designed in 1910 by the architect Brega for the Pagani family, creating an architectural ensemble of austere elegance. Of the building we appreciate the wrought iron balconies and stairways, the columns that embellish the balconies and fences, the floral decorations, the decorative cement motifs, the long terrace above the loggia overlooking the park. Overall, the building has not undergone significant changes or replacements, its authentic flavor is dusted off and transported intact to the restored Villa Pagani.

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